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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go, Farm to Fork!

About sixty people who want to see more local (and healthier) food in Jackson County got together at Peter Salant's beef ranch on the Little Applegate last Saturday for an event that was more fun and inspiring than a blog can describe. It was part of a movement called Farm to Fork, and it included some great networking among folks who are building the local ag movement, a short tour of Peter's ranch (he's proud of it and should be), and a five-course dinner of local food that, was, as my mother likes to say, to die for. Between each course we heard from another person who is creating a particular component of what's becoming a robust small farm economy in the Valley where more and more people could make a living, where more of us are getting healthier, fresher food, and where we're contributing less to things like the horrific underwater geyser in the Gulf, because our food travels far fewer miles to get to our plate.

This isn't "wouldn't it be nice..." These folks are doing it, and you can help in an amazingly enjoyable way.Saturday was just the first Farm to Fork dinner. There will be at least five more this summer and fall at different farms throughout the Valley (see the schedule below). Get more of the flavor, pun sort-of intended, at the Farm to Fork website.

This is so creative, so energized, so timely. Come be part of it!

14 seats available - June 26th at Dunbar Farms in Medford, OR (Rogue Valley Brambles Poultry, RoxyAnn and Rocky Knoll Wine)
20 seats available - July 31st at Restoration Farm in Ashland, OR (Magnolia Farm Lamb and Quady North Wine)
22 seats available - August 28th at Happy Dirt Veggie Patch in Ashland, OR (Port Orford Sustainable Seafood and Cowhorn Wine)
30+ seats available - September 11th at Blackberry Lane in Grants Pass, OR (Willow Witt Pork and Caprice Wine)
30+ seats available - October 9th at Rogue Valley Brambles in Talent, OR (Rogue Valley Brambles Poultry and Trium Wine)

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  1. Jeff, Thank you so much for being a part of our inaugural Farm to Fork dinner. It was a pleasure and honor to share the evening with you. Your words at the end of the dinner were the perfect capstone to the event. Hope to see you out at our farms this summer! Cheers.


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