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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good News for Governing Ourselves...

What if...

What if you took the two most controversial (and perhaps complex) measures on our upcoming Oregon ballot -- this year that would be Measure 73 (mandatory minimum sentences for new categories of repeat offenders) and Measure 74 (legalizing dispensaries to provide medical marijuana). And let's say you gathered a group of Oregon citizens at random, people starting off with no financial, political or big ideological stake in these issues. Then say you had the time and resources to give them plenty of good, responsible information, let them hear from advocates on both sides, let them ask all the questions they want. Then you gave them time to discuss and deliberate and give their judgment on the issues. And THEN their opinions went into the Voters Pamphlet (right alongside with the statements of the rah-rah supporters and opponents of the measures) for you to read before you voted.

Think that would improve our system? Well, for the first time, all of that has happened, and you in fact have a chance to read the opinions of unbiased, very well-informed citizens, all thanks to Healthy Democracy Oregon. Check it out and see if it gives you some optimism about citizenship and political process in our state. It did for me.

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